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Low Level Lasers

Low Level Lasers a.k.a. “LLL” “Cold Lasers” “Photo Stimulation” “Biostimulation” “Photo-biomodulation”


Perhaps the “newest” area in laser dentistry. In the past, the medical profession noticed great ancillary benefits but we did not know why. It was traditionally called Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) or “Cold Lasers”. However, the science is now there and it is now referred to Photobiomodulation and the results are very good and keep getting better now that we understand the mechanism better. These non-cutting lasers do have an effect on healing and tend to trigger positive defense mechanisms on stressed cells at the Cytochrome level. These lasers have a great effect at the repair, inflammation, edema and pain areas. You not only treat the area of injury but the lymphatics with lower density to “boost” and expedite the healing process & high density power to the nerves to reduce the pain. The results can be astonishing. This can not only be a great service for your patients to expedite healing and reduce pain, but used for those everyday aches and pains that come with accidents or age! These lasers cost anywhere from $10,000 – $25,000 depending on features, fiber quality, internal mechanism and training and support. However, some add on components for existing diode lasers can be purchased inexpensively from $750 to $2,000.


  • Great ancillary service to offer patients to make their dental experience more pleasant
  • Increases the potential word of mouth marketing due to their unique dental experience.
  • Many manufacturers offer adjunct accessories to existing diode lasers at an inexpensive cost
  • Not only used pre & post-surgical, but TMJ pain relief


  • Billed able revenue stream for service.  But note the referral and patient experience can definitely lead to increased business

Success Keys

  • As noted many times before, training is the key.  Manufacturers have extensive treatment protocols and libraries to help you get the optimal result.

Target Tissue Keys

  • The key is to know to emit low density or high density to specific areas (surgical, trigger points, nerves & lymphatics)

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