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3 Month VIP Interactive All-Tissue Laser Program | Begins Quarter Two 2024

Join our comprehensive 3-month phased coaching program, meticulously designed to not only improve your skills with all-tissue lasers but also fine-tune essential business processes, leading to financial growth and increased production outcomes.

Our immersive coaching program comprises three live training sessions, each of which will be recorded for your convenience if you're unable to attend in real-time. Additionally, we provide templates, processes, and guides to expedite your path to success.

As a bonus, you'll receive access to Nick's Dental Diode Laser Optimization course that offers 6 credits of continued education. 



  1. Elevate Clinical Efficiency and Effectiveness: Acquire foundational knowledge and apply optimization strategies to enhance clinical efficiency and effectiveness.

  2. Cultivate Doctor Leadership and Enhance Team Communication: Foster leadership skills among doctors and bolster team communication to achieve your desired outcomes.

  3. Accelerate Success through Process and Metric Review: Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of processes and metrics to fast-track your journey towards achieving success.

What People Are Saying:

Great info for IPlus with a good protocol for Crown Lengthening and RePaIR Protocol.

Edward Chappelle Jr - on Doctors Laser Clinical Notes reference guide.