"Do You Want To Do More With Your Laser & Get Better Results?" 

Finally: Learn What The Root-Cause Of Undesired Results Is & How To Fix It...For Good.

Do NOT Give Up!  You Are MUCH Closer To Success Than You Think!  A Fast & Proven Blueprint Is Available. 

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Dental Laser Coaching Provides A Proven Framework So You Can Integrate Your Laser Fast & Predictably.   Which Means You Now Can...

Make Clinical Procedures Easier, Faster & Increase Production... PLUS:

Bloodless Topical Instead of Injection "Wow" Your Patients

Get More New Patients Increase Enrollment Decrease Chair Time



More conservative, less bleeding, faster healing, less post operative pain all while being faster. Opens the door to once difficult surgical procedures that were once referred out or "watched".

Patient Experience

When you don't have a numb face and did not have a drill or scalpel used on you, patients enroll in care & send referrals. Eliminating what they fear most has a transformative affect.



When you can dramatically reducing drill & scalpel use, shots, post operative sensitivity and have a team communication the value to patients, production gains will follow.

Lasers are the most TRANSFORMATIVE technology in dentistry that can give you the practice you dreamed of!

The challenge is many practices do not optimally integrate their Laser, at no fault of their own.  This is why you may have heard "negative" things about Lasers.  But it does NOT have to be this way!


Are you tired of:

  • Feeling¬†spread thin or that there is not enough time in your practice day.

    Not doing certain procedures you know you can do.

    Team members not  clearly  communicating your vision clearly.


    Patients not enrolling in the care you recommend.





    Boredom or stagnation at work.


    Declining or stagnant production or new patient flow.



    Bloody procedures.

It does not have to be this way!

Do you want to 'WOW' your patients and have them refer their friends and family...unsolicited?  Do you want to do more procedures that are predictable, quick, easy & profitable?  Do you want to dramatically increase your production?

If you’re considering a Laser or have one and not getting these results


custom Laser coaching is the  SOLUTION for you!

If You Do Not Believe The Transformative Ability of Lasers, Consider These Dental Marketplace Statistics Lasers Have A Direct Impact On

1-800-Dentist surveyed over 20,000 people seeking a new dentist and asked..."What are the 5 most important things you seek when searching for a new dentist?"

1. Patients expect the practice to be in network with their insurance carrier.

The point here is not to tell you to carry every insurance, it is to know how to speak to them about insurance!

2. Patients want convenience (location, mobile booking, evening or  weekend availability).  But do not forget that patients want different specialist all under one roof. They don't want to go somewhere else to see an orthodontist or oral surgeon if possible.

If you are a GP, patients WANT you to do more! Lasers are the tool to make many of those new procedures easy & predictable for you!

3. Patients want to see your reviews.

Please don't ignore this!  The best way of "WOWING" your patient is reduce or remove the shot and the drill, it is what they fear most.  Do this and they will want to not only give 5-Star reviews, but refer family & friends!

4. Patients want advanced dental technology

Nothing is more cutting edge in the patients mind than Lasers!  Let them know you have Lasers plus all the other technologies you have.


5. Patients want referrals from family & friends.

85% of patients solicit dental recommendations from family & friends!


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The Dental business is a VERY difficult market. 

Consider these statistics:

  • 60% of people do not go to the dentist.
Your competition is NOT your neighboring dentist!  The opportunity is the people that do not go.  Again they fear the needle and the drill.  If you can reduce this with your Laser, you will eliminate the fear and they will come.
  • 82% of people have anxiety going to the dentist.
This is significant because it has been proven that people in anxious states, make poor decisions.  That why dental enrollment is so hard!  Remove the anxiety with a Laser & 'WOW" them and enrollment will skyrocket!

The great news is people value their smiles!

  • 92% of Americans believe attractive smile is a valuable social asset.
  • 74% believe an unattractive smile will hurt their career success.
  • 52% are dissatisfied with their smiles.

 Lasers can remove the obstacles and make it easier to deliver on what patients want!


Don't even think about buying a new dental Laser until you read this.

(Hint: It takes more than just buying a Laser to get the results.)

Laser dentistry is not harder than traditional dentistry, but it is DIFFERENT!

In simplest terms, Laser dentistry is visual or non-contact.  There are 3-4 technique factors and if one of them is off, it appears the laser does not work.  Many clinicians never learn what they are even doing wrong!  They get frustrated, think the Laser does not work and  and give up.  Don't let this happen to you!

If you can have a Coach in your office, with your patients, observing your technique and fix the flaws and arm you with some technique keys, you will have that "Ah-ha" moment and feel confidence with your Laser.  90% plus anesthesia free cavity preps, bloodless surgeries with just topical and no post operative pain can really be achieved if you optimize your Laser.  Many times you just need a Coach to customize and expedite your specific learning curve.  This is not required for every circumstance, but it can definitely help.



If Lasers Are So Great, Why Doesn't Every Office Have One? 

Unfortunately, when working with manufactures, distributors and lecturing around the country, I hear things like "Laser technology doesn't work" or "My buddy has one and it doesn't work" or my favorite "I tried one and it didn't work".  So many times I use the analogy that many Laser Dentist have an experience like a pilot that had a bumpy landing on their first few attempts and parked the plane indefinitely.  It just sits and never gets used.  Don't let this happen to you.  You just need help to know why you are not nailing the landing.  You can have a tool that is predictable and used all day every day to make your life easier, "WOW" your patients and  dramatically increase production.  You simply need a coach/mentor to guide you on what specifically you are not doing optimally and coach you on the technique keys so you can get the results you deserve.

Driving is different than flying.  A scalpel & drill are different than a Laser. Laser dentistry is not harder, but is is different.  You do not buy a plane and just go fly after glancing at the manual.  The same is true for a Laser, you just need to commit to a bit of detailed instruction, go through the process, learn from the "bumpy landings" knowing they will soon be smooth and all the benefits are just around the corner.

Who Is Your Dental Laser Coach?

Nick Clausen has been involved in Laser Dentistry for almost 20 years.  Nick has developed training programs and run dental divisions for manufacturers and lectured/coached on Dental Lasers around the globe.  "My gift is the ability to make the complex simple and leverage technology to transform your practice."

Nick has seen Lasers make procedures once thought too difficult to do easy, bloodless and fast for GPs.  He has also seen GPs do 90% plus of their cavity preps without anesthesia and freak their patients out, in a positive way ;)  He has seen practices production more than double and transform their practice into their "dream practice".  He knows doctors that if their Laser "goes down" call and reschedule all their patients because it is such an integral tool for their clinical success and patient experience.


Interested in finding out

How we can work together?

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Learn at your own pace.
Pick the topics you want.
Have a single place to go for all your laser needs.
Content available to help your team as well.

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Customized for your needs.
Includes live didactic and invitro coaching.  Can be one hour 100% remote or all day 100% at your office with live patient and every option in-between.  Time designated to work on the business, not in it.

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Not only get access to all the online courses, but get the added benefit of quarterly webinars from industry experts and a discount on all coaching!

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Want a better idea of they types of procedures Lasers make easier?  Here is a List of 35 ADA Codes, descriptions & fees that increase when a Laser is optimized.  Many times bloodless & with topical only (with a Laser of course).

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Approved Speaker Bureau Member
ALD trainer credentialed to provide Standard Level Certificate Program.
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Board  Approved Certification Program/Course

A comprehensive dental laser technology overview with clinical keys to optimize laser utilization safely and effectively.

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A Division of Fortune Management

Fortune Management is the nations largest dental consulting firm and Nick is the Director of the Laser Mastery division.

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You deserve the practice you dreamed of, there is NO other tool like a Laser to get you there!  You are on this website for a reason. 

I promise if you are COMMITTED to the process, I will get you results, add value and make a difference.

Let's get on a call to discuss if we are a fit to work together.



I purchased the Laser and attended the training that came with it but returned to my office not feeling confident enough to start using it on patients. Having Nick come to the office was the best decision I made! It gave me all the confidence I needed to get started by customizing the training to what I specifically wanted to do clinically. The one on one training made a very complex machine seem simple and allowed me to understand how to get it to do everything that it was advertised to do. Thanks Nick – you made my investment work for me!

Dr. Jennifer Wallace

Beaufort, SC

The technical training was great, but the way that you demonstrated how to introduce Laser dentistry to patients was invaluable. Now I go in to all situations asking myself: can I use the laser for that? I, we are so grateful to you for a quick start. I highly recommend that everyone experience your expertise, even if they have been using Solea for a while. I have to say that my staff appreciated the training too. It gave them confidence in Solea but also in me. In introducing this technology to patients confidence is critical. Thank you so much, Nick.

Dr. Glenn Berg
Snohomish, WA

I had experience with hard tissue Lasers previously, yet I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of clinical understanding and tips I gained from the course. Nick has also been available for any questions or concerns I have had since the course, and he has stayed in contact to make sure everything is going smoothly. I feel he is a great resource to have should any issues or questions arise in the future.

Dr. Gary Myers

Middleburg, FL

Nick Clausen at Dental Laser Coaching is an indispensable asset for all aspects of dental Laser training. For anyone looking to incorporate lasers into their practice for the first time, or for experienced clinicians looking to hone and advance their skills; Nick's theoretical and clinical knowledge will help you from start to finish, and beyond.


Dr. Kelly Brooke

 Alberta Canada

I hate change! My techniques and high-speed works well and I didn't really know if I could improve my patient experience. Learning new technology is tough when your set in your ways. Nick was a great trainer. I can't imagine a better experience. Thank you!

Dr. Stacey Kutsch
Walla Walla, WA

Immediately upon installation of our intra oral Laser Nick was there and he was fantastic. The installation and training were as good as we have ever experienced in 35 years of practice. I wholeheartedly recommend Nick for any installation, training or consultations concerning your Laser. 

Dr. Jay Gerber

Parkersburg, WV

I would highly recommend. With technology like this, if you hesitate your lost! You will get your ROI and certainly will build confidence.

Dr. Shannon Lawson
Tooele, UT

Nick Clausen does a fantastic job training and guiding you and your team so that you will be successful and confident. Having a Laser and knowing how to use it will make you a better dentist and your patients will love you for it!

Dr. Kathryn Sudikoff

Charlotte, NC

This training has increased my skill-set and now I have better, and even "WOW" experiences from my patients! Nick you did an outstanding job, thanks.

Dr. Chris Eriksson
Fargo, ND