If you have ever wondered, "How am I doing compared to other dental practices in the US?" or "What could an All-tissue Laser do for my practice?"...then, take this quick 10 question assessment and find out. 

This is a quick and simple, yet powerful tool Nick Clausen created with Fortune Management to see how you compare with the national average and what you can do if you optimally implemented an all-tissue Laser.  Take 5 minutes and see how you rate!

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A List of 35 ADA Codes That Increase

When A Laser Is Optimized.

Manny Times Done With Just Topical In The Same Day. Includes ADA Code, Description & Fee In 80th Percentile.

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1-800-Dentist surveyed over 20,000 people seeking a new dentist and asked..."What are the 5 most important things you seek when searching for a new dentist?"  Every dentist & team should know what their patients want!  You will be shocked how much a Laser can help you in each one of their wants!

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Fortune Management Laser Mastery

Two things are critical to Laser integration optimization: doctor clinical skills & team communication.  Learn more about the process here.

Laser Practice Assessment   

See how you are doing vs a practice that is optimizing their laser?  Enter 7 simple practice metrics to see where you rate.

Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD)

Your global dental Laser resource guide.  The link above takes you to the ALD Dental Laser Standard Level Course -
A Certificate Program.  Nick Clausen has also written many Laser 'Safety Tip' articles for Lightwaves, ALD's publication/newsletter:

Laser Safety Tip: Laser Plume Hazards, August 2020

Note: Publications below were on a previous website no longer used and images were not transferred.  So I also included a pdf if you would like to see the article with images.

Laser Safety Tip: Laser Reporting, May 2020  PDF

Laser Safety Tip: Managing Non-Intended Laser Consequences, October 2019 PDF

Laser Safety Tip: Laser Protective Eyewear, June 2019 PDF

Laser Safety Tip: Dental Laser Safety Zones, December 2018  PDF

Oral Systemic Link

Understand the root cause perio affects and the importance of perio maintenance for your patients! (Great 2 min video by Dr. Charles Whitney for your patients)

 All-Tissue Laser Manufacturers:

BiolaseTM Waterlase® (2,780nm   Er,Cr:YSGG)

Convergent Dental Solea®  (9,300nm CO2)

Fotona Lightwalker® (2,940nm Er:YAG & 1,064nm Nd:YAG)

Morita Evo (2,940nm Er:YAG)

Soft-Tissue Laser Manufacturers:

AMD Lasers® Picasso (810nm Diode)

Biolase EpicTM (940nm & 980nm Diode)

Deka US-20D, SmartXide (10,600nm) & Smart Perio (1064nm)

Dentlight Ultrafast (810nm)

Denmat NV® & Sol (808nm Diode)

Dentsply Sirona Sirolase (445nm, 660nm, & 970nm Diode)

GPT Denta2 (10,600nm CO2)

Fotona xPulse® (445nm, 810nm, 980nm, 1064nm Diode & Nd:YAG)

Lightscalpel (10,600nm CO2)

Millennium Dental Technologies MVP-7TM (1064nm Nd:YAG)

UltradentTM GeminiTM (810nm & 980nm Diode)

Zolar Photon (810nm & 980nm Diode)

Photobiomodulation (PBM):

Bioresearch MLS (Laser & LED)


THOR® (Laser & LED) 

Summas (Laser)

Congress PBM

GMA Laser Education

LVI Laser Treatment in The TMD Practice

Cancer Detection:

Forward Science Oral ID®

Velscope VX®

Laser Eye Protection:

Innovative Optics

Laser Vision



Universal Medical

View Max Solutions

Compound Topicals & Post Surgical Gel:

The Best Topical Ever

Woodland Hill Pharmacy The Baddest Topical in TownTM

Periosciences AO

 Hygiene Laser Training:

Hygiene Mastery

Janet Press

Angie Wallace

EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy - A New approach to cleaning teeth.

3rd Party Laser Service Company

Sven Tech

Things to help make Laser Dentistry easier:

Brasseler Flat Bur

Helps with removing amalgam when using Laser on cavity preps

Grooved Tongue Director

Help with tongue management during tongue tie release


Best In Class Dentistry:

TruBlu Dental - Brings the power of DSO to single owner dental offices.

OraCare - Results Oriented Mouth Rinse Distributed by Dentist

Adit - Designed specifically for Dental Practices that integrates VoIP, Texts, Emails, Patient Forms, Online Scheduling, Analytics, Reviews, Payments all in one place.

ARTHUR MARSHALL - Results Oriented Dental Staffing

Practice Quotient - Help with Insurence Reimbursement

Patient Prism - AI for Better New Patient Flow

Mandelbaum Barrett PC - Comprehensive & National  Dental Focus Law Firm.

Fred Joyal Dental Marketing Expert, Speaker & Author.  Scroll through his 'Dental Offerings" for various dental marketing solutions. 

ProFi 20/20 - National Dental CPA Focus.  These guys understand how a dental P&L should be set up!

Provide -  If you are you thinking about buying or updating your practice and need a loan, start here!  Find out what you can get preapproved for VERY quickly without a credit hit. Plus if you need a loan, they are like the ‘Expedia’ of loans that specialize in Dentistry with dedicated concierges to help you.

OraCare - The Only Professional Chlorhexidine Alternative sold ONLY in dental offices.

Dental Card Services - Do this FREE Analysis to see if you could save THOUSANDS a month on hidden credit card processing fees!

CARR - Nationwide Commercial Realestate experts.

TruBlu Social Smiles -  Integrate & automate your videomonials!

An Intra Oral Camera is the best enrollment tool in dentiostry...get one!

          Digital Doc 


Aiden Health - Direct provider of mask, gloves, gowns and other accessories at low cost.  Company developed from the Covid backorder and provides direct from manufacturer sundries fast and  inexpensive.


Dental Books From Some of My Personal Mentors & Friends (Great idea to start a 'library' in your break room):

The Fortune Recipe: Essential Ingredients for Creating Your Best Life by Bernie Stoltz.  Personal development pearls that have guided me and I know can help you and your team!

The Win Win Solution by Bernie Stoltz & Mark Murphy.  A must read if you are planning in the future to buy or sell your practice.

Buy Sell Merge: How to Navigate Successful Dental Practice Transitions for the Entrepreneurial by William Barrett  Goes over the details that need to be considered in a contract if you are buying or selling a practice.

Becoming Remarkable & Everything Is Marketing  by Fred Joyal Both books are specifically for Dentistry and are excellent resources for the entire team.

The Ultimate Investment: A Roadmap to Grow Your Business and Build Multigenerational Wealth by Mark Murphy.  A big fan of Mark.  He is not just an awesome awesome fiduciary but combines his financial expertise to match your personal & profession purpose and vision.

Extra Ordinary Practice, an ebook by Fortune Management that can help provide a successful dental practice framework for any dental office that wants to success.


Dental Coaching/Consulting:

Fortune Mnanagemet -  Dental Coaching

Hygiene Mastery - Comprehensive Hygiene Training

Laser Mastery - Comprehensive Laser Training

State of Dental Health 2023 Report.  How Elite Practices Grow 20% a Year.  

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