Nick Clausen selected as the ALD’s keynote speaker during Dentistry’s Laser Meeting.


When the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) kicks off its 30th conference this spring, Nick Clausen, MBA, will share his ideas on the positive impacts dental lasers can have on dental practices and their patients.  Clausen, well known and respected in laser dentistry circles for his passion for helping dentists optimize their laser use to increase practice profitability and boost ROI on their laser investments will kick-off this years anual meeting.  “We are thrilled to have Nick opening our 30th Anniversary Conference & Exhibition,” ALD Executive Director Gail Siminovsky, CAE, says. “He shares the passion of our individual and corporate members for changing dentistry for the better with lasers. There are very few people better than Nick to demonstrate how lasers can be utilized in everyday dentistry to boost practice performance and patient care.” <click here for Press Release>


Nick Clausen: My passion and credentials...

My gift is to be able to make complex things simple.  A great attribute in the quantum world of technique sensitive clinical  Lasers!  I consider myself a comprehensive Laser coach and a damn good one.  I worked my tail off with never ending education and hands-on experience with almost every Laser manufacturer.  I have a unique and unbiased lens in Laser dentistry to be able to help your individual and unique practice needs.  In addition, I have engaged in  MANY other continuing education trainings in business and dentistry (see comprehensive link below if you are interested).


My passion is helping doctors and teams with practice transformation.  Lasers are so unique that they offer a completely different user & patient experience that can have profound affects.  But the reality is most practices do not optimize their Laser technology for various reasons and many times no fault of their own. 


Lasers are like learjet and the dentist is the pilot.  If you have a couple "bumpy landings" and park the jet indefinitely, you will never get to your desired destination.  Lasers are an amazing tool like that learjet.  I see my job as a pilot instructor coaching you to smooth landing and venturing to the destination you envisioned for yourself, your team and your practice while simultaneously better serving patients and growing the business.
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How I can help you;

  • Not only do the dentistry you want to do, but do it faster, more conservative with expedited healing.
  • Grow into procedures you thought were difficult, but coach you how Lasers can make them simple and predictable.  Many times bloodless and without topical.
  • Have more "Wow" patient experiences.  This ability alone will grow your business with increased enrollment and referrals.
  • Engage the entire team to create coherent patient messaging and develop tools to leverage the Laser benefits to increase enrollment and grow the business.
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How I got here....

I  was raised on a small, 3rd generation, tight knit, extended family farm in rural Iowa. Then, in the early 80’s the economic recession particularly devastated the small family farmer, including my families. My parents, aunt and uncles had to scramble and work very hard to find new careers to support their families.

Shortly after this, I received an opportunity to go to college on a football scholarship. There, the long hours & physically demanding work was just a continuation of ‘regular’ life on the farm for me. What was new, was the importance of strategy & teamwork that culminated in the grand stage of thousands & thousands of people cheering and rooting you on to victory. Sure this was exciting, but more importantly to me, was my exposure to travel, many different cultures, perspectives and professional possibilities. This exposure called me to incorporate these attributes into my future profession.

After college, I worked in incentive marketing and e-business in the energy sector. But I had a void internally. So I decided to pivot and get my MBA. After which, I had an opportunity to go into cutting edge laser technology in the dental marketplace. This is where I really found a kinship with dentistry. The dental marketplace struggles reminded me of the hard times farmers had in my youth. Think about it. Dentistry is a very tough business. Most people lump it with death and taxes and avoid Dentistry at all cost. However, I learned it could be the opposite if approached differently. The dental profession has so much to offer…..and with some help,…. can change that patient perception from one of fear to one of gratitude.

So now I'm known as the "laser guy" that can help dentist and teams optimize their laser to get better clinical and business results. But for me, lasers are just one tool that can not only change that patient experience from fear to gratitude. But when you add in a few business and communication coaching keys, the results are also transformative to ALL of the dental team members. And that is my passion.

So Tell Me...


Looking to offer your patients more comprehensive services more conservatively and less traumatic?

Expand your surgical repertoire without the stress of complications and management of bleeding and pain?

Have your patients actively and more easily enroll in the care they deserve?

Add new patients, increase production & streamline workflow?



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