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Dr. Jennifer Wallace
Beaufort, SC


I purchased the Laser and attended the training that came with it but returned to my office not feeling confident enough to start using it on patients. Having Nick come to the office was the best decision I made! It gave me all the confidence I needed to get started by customizing the training to what I specifically wanted to do clinically. The one on one training made a very complex machine seem simple and allowed me to understand how to get it to do everything that it was advertised to do. Thanks Nick – you made my investment work for me!


Dr. Glenn Berg
Snohomish, WA


The technical training was great, but the way that you demonstrated how to introduce Laser dentistry to patients was invaluable. Now I go in to all situations asking myself: can I use the laser for that? I, we are so grateful to you for a quick start. I highly recommend that everyone experience your expertise, even if they have been using Solea for a while. I have to say that my staff appreciated the training too. It gave them confidence in Solea but also in me. In introducing this technology to patients confidence is critical. Thank you so much, Nick.


Dr. Gary Meyers Middleburg, FL


I had experience with hard tissue Lasers previously, yet I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of clinical understanding and tips I gained from the course. Nick has also been available for any questions or concerns I have had since the course, and he has stayed in contact to make sure everything is going smoothly. I feel he is a great resource to have should any issues or questions arise in the future.